Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Photonics PPP funded project PULSATE launches open call for proposals in the field of Laser-Based Advanced Additive Manufacturing technologies

PULSATE targets the greatest impact on potential manufacturing sectors accounting from those with a solid track of use of LBAAM technologies and also from those being currently underrepresented: aerospace (aeronautics), automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery, customised electronics and textile & clothing.

The main results achieved from the execution of the experiments will include the development of innovative laser-based equipment, processes, ancillary equipment, and software, looking for solutions particularly adapted to flexible production environments, typical in SMEs, and the digital tools which improve the productivity, flexibility, and traceability, lowering the entry barriers.

Selected Technology Transfer Experiments will become part of the 13-month PULSATE Support Programme which includes:

  • Technical support from industry experts
  • Business development support
  • Up to €150k funding per experiment
  • Media exposure
  • Access to private and public funding
The Technology Transfer Experiments have to be proposed by a Consortium including a minimum 2 SMEs and/or slightly bigger companies acting as :
  • Technology provider (System Integrators): any entity which designs, builds or rebuilds, programs, installs, modifies, distributes, or supplies systems and/or technology for LBAAM.
  • Manufacturing company (End-user/Technology adopter): any entity that deals with the physical or chemical transformation of materials or components into new products.

Experiments should address the development and implementation of technology and systems on TRL level between 5 -7, applicable to laser-based equipment for the Advanced and Additive Manufacturing market, within the following areas of experimentation:

  • Laser equipment integration, interoperability, and robust automation,
  • Technology for cost-effective laser-based manufacturing,
  • First part right and zero-defect laser-based production,
  • Flexible technology for small to large batches;
  • From CAD to PLM: data integration and flow
The submission deadline is 22nd of April, 2021 at 17:00 CEST (Brussels Time).
You will find any further details on the open call as well as a project partner search on the PULSATE project website.

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