Terms of Use

In particular, the user of the Photonics21 member area may not post and/or distribute any data or content, such as texts and links, that violate legal provisions, in particular violating third-party intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. The user is responsible for the data and content provided by him. The Photonics21 Secretariat does not verify the accuracy of the information. The user of the Photonics21 member area has the possibility in his profile settings to design his own profile and, for example, to set a photo. He is obliged to ensure that he is entitled to make the photo and any background image or logo available in the Photonics21 member area. The user must ensure that his profile picture, which he uploads in the Photonics21 members area, does not violate legal regulations, good morals and/or rights of third parties. No photos are to be uploaded and commented on the profile settings and in the discussion forums no contributions with violent representations, pornographic, discriminating, insulting, slanderous or other illegal contents or representations. Furthermore, it is forbidden to upload image files on which an unknown person or to an extent third-party company names, trademarks or other trademarks or other protected symbols are displayed. This does not apply if the user is authorized to do so, i.e. if he is the owner of the rights to the corresponding logos, advertising photos and other contents or if the rights holder has permitted him to use them. The user can only set a profile photo in the members area and write a text contribution in the discussion forum or write a comment if he agrees to the extended privacy policy. The Photonics21 Secretariat is entitled to remove logos, images or texts without notice if and to the extent that there are concrete indications that the publication in the Photonics21 members area violates this privacy policy, legal regulations, good morals and/or rights of third parties.