Photonics for Finance

The 4th edition of the Tech Tour European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) is organized by Tech Tour as part of the H2020 Innovation Action, Actphast, and in conjunction with the coordination and the support action Nextpho21, both co-funded by the European Commission, part of the programme ICT-30-2017 - photonics KET 2017. It will take place on 28 & 29 May in Barcelona.

The goal of the event is very simple: bringing high-tech entrepreneurs, active in photonics that are looking for external private capital, together with investors, who have appetite for this.

The European Photonics Venture Forum aims to market the photonics sector to a wider investor community and create channels to finance for high-potential photonics businesses. The Forum will ensure photonics becomes a pillar of local regional development plans, mirroring the European strategy and driving more support and funding to the sector.

The European Photonics Venture Forum is an annual event in a new city each time and the activities of Europe's leading photonics clusters.

Photonics is the technology which focusses on all technical applications of light and includes lasers, photovoltaics, lighting, screens and displays, sensors, optical fibers and optoelectronics. It is at the heart of the most advanced engineering systems such as cameras, cellphones, printers, barcode scanners, medical and industrial lasers, high speed communications and computing, aviation, power generation, spectroscopy, holography, bio photonics, agriculture and robotics.


  • Promote technology entrepreneurship and investment in the European photonics sector
  • Facilitate the investment in up to 30+ selected photonics start-ups and SMEs from Europe and Spain by regional and pan-European investors
  • Promote investment and partnering activities in state-of-the-art photonics technologies
  • Bring together and build relations with 40 specialized investors or corporate partners
  • Enhance investment interest and readiness amongst the SMEs and start-up



  • 36 selected emerging company entrepreneurs in the Photonics sector
  • 40+ investors and corporate partners
  • 40+ sponsor, speaker, delegate and guest representatives


Link with the European Venture Contest

  • The European Venture Contest already attracts every year since 10 years over 1,000 innovative companies who compete to be selected in one of the Venture Forums at whose time-to-investment will be shortened and the window-to-investors will be widened.
  • The European Photonics Venture Forum will select 8 photonics companies as the Forum's best quartile to present at the European Venture Contest Final 2018, which is the flagship final event of the Venture Contest.


ACTPHAST initiative supported by PHOTONICS 21

Find out more about the event on the EPVF website