Mirror Group

The Mirror Group constitutes the public complement to the industry-led Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders. It supports and reflects ("mirrors") the activities of Photonics21 at policy level and from a governmental perspective.

The Mirror Group has been established in July 2007. It is composed of representatives from relevant European, national and regional public authorities such as ministries involved with research and innovation, funding agencies and the European Commission.

On the one hand, the Mirror Group informs and advises the Board of Stakeholders including the Executive Board regarding political issues and objectives and governmental activities at national and European level. On the other hand, the Mirror Group may take up recommendations developed by Photonics21 and contribute to their implementation, e. g. through Public Private Partnerships. In general, the Mirror Group functions as an inter-governmental panel for exchange, discussion and concerted planning on photonics-related research policy in Europe.

Presently, the Photonics21 Mirror Group consists of representatives from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the European Commission.
Governmental representatives from additional Member States or Associated Countries are invited to join the Photonics21 Mirror Group at any time! Please contact secretariat@photonics21.org

The Photonics21 Mirror Group worked out three ERANET+:

PIANO+ Transantional competition for funding on photonics-based internet access networks of the future

You can find any further information about PIANO+ and the funded projects on the PIANO+ website.

OLAE+ Transnational competion for funding on Organic and Large Area Electronics

Any further information on OLAE+ can be found on the OLAE+ website.

BiophotonicsPlus - Transnational competition for funding in the field of biophotonics

Any further information on BiophotonicsPlus is available via the BiophotonicsPlus website.

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