Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the managing body of the platform. The EB is responsible for the coordination and execution of the platform operations, for the preparation and the implementation of the decisions of the BoS and for the external representation of the platform.

The EB is composed of the President, four Vice-Presidents and the Work Group (WG) Chairs. The EB is elected by the Board of Stakeholders (BoS) among its own members. The members of the EB are elected for a period of two years, with immediate re-election being possible.

The EB reports to the Board of Stakeholders at least once a year during a BoS meeting. The EB is chaired by the President, who is the official representative of Photonics21. He acts in this capacity in accordance with the rules set by the BoS and reports regularly to the BoS about his activities. The President may appoint one of the Vice Presidents as his substitute on single occasions.

You can download the overview on the members of the Photonics21 Executive Board.

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