REALHOLO is a project to develop an advanced micro-mirror-based piston type spatial light modulator SLM for real holographic 3D mixed reality MR display applications, active illumination and sensing.

The plan is to create a micro-mirror-array MMA, modulating the phase of visible light with optical features far superior to any liquid crystal-based alternative and to binary micro-mirror SLM.

The core technology will be developed in a high bandwidth CMOS backplane design and interfaces, in MEMS mechanics and optics for very small mirrors, in semiconductor micro-mirror fabrication and packaging technologies, in real-time computation and driving of real holographic content, in projection optics.

The goal is an application-specific demonstration of the MMA in automotive use in real holographic MR head-up display HUD and active head lamp projection system; enable future applications like real holographic head-mounted displays HMD.

To achieve the goals REALHOLO will develop dedicated core hardware concepts and modules for integration in desired phase SLM, based on consortium partners' selected prior design development, simulation results, practical tests of key technological and optical aspects and use case research.

A further development is the corresponding high speed and high bandwidth control hardware and software for generating and driving signals for the new SLM. The developed module solutions will be integrated in a packaged optical system for further integration with validation use case in real holographic 3D image system.

With REALHOLO the consortium enables a revolutionary next generation light modulating device for a variety of new and proprietary applications with unique features in natural 3D imaging, highly efficient active illumination, irradiation, sensing, etc. This will strengthen the European research, development and manufacturing in industries and institutions ranging from optical, electronics, automotive to bio/-medical, agricultural and outer space.

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