MAESTRO aims to develop and combine with existing Selective Laser Melting (SLM) techniques five innovations that will constitute the basis of a highly competitive manufacturing value chain:

(1) a single pre-process software for a numerical chain combining all mandatory steps and configurations of SLM together with its related pre- and post-processes,

(2) Hybridization of SLM with MIM,

(3) Adaptive process control of SLM,

(4) system level integration of a modular platform,

(5) open access to an easy-to-use demonstration platform to reinforce to EU leadership in AM.

These innovations will enable SLM to overcome the current limitations (speed, productivity, costs) to address large scale markets: productivity will be improved by 30%, cost reduced by 30% with quality towards zero defect. The performances of the MAESTRO platform will be assessed through a substantial number of demonstrators (7 in total: 4 brought by project partners, 3 selected through a EU-wide dissemination event).

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