VirtualLab Fusion Applications, Technology & Workflows: Analysis and Optimization of Lightguides for Augmented & Mixed Reality

2022 16 February

Augmented and mixed reality (AR & MR) devices constitute one of the most exciting developments in optical engineering in recent times: mainly due to the thrilling new applications they enable, but also, from an optical engineer’s perspective, because of the challenges arising from such systems. The fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion is perfectly placed to become the simulation tool of choice for optical engineers working in AR and MR. Its consistent vectorial treatment of fields takes complex polarization effects into account, while its “connecting field solvers” technology allows us to combine a rigorous field solver for the grating regions of the lightguide with other, less resource-heavy methods for the free-space propagation and the surfaces of the lightguide, to produce a thorough yet efficient result. Additionally, VirtualLab Fusion offers specific detectors and design algorithms to help the optical designer in his AR & MR design tasks. Join this webinar if you would like to see the following examples in action in VirtualLab Fusion: - Introduction & Optimization of lightguides with continuously modulated grating regions - PSF & MTF analysis of complex lightguide system with 2D eye pupil expansion and human eye model - Demonstration of other complex layouts (like 2D-periodic diamond-shaped grating from Wave Optics patent, butterfly eye pupil expansion from Microsoft patent) Speaker: Olga Baladron-Zorita (SOE of LightTrans International)

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