Performance Assessment and Standardization in Biophotonics Workshop

2019 11 September

The adoption of shared procedures for performance assessment of biophonics devices, and international consensus standards, can help the deployment of novel techniques to clinical use by increasing their reliability and the reproducibility of results. Following the first successful edition of the workshop in 2018, a new meeting is planned for this year. The workshop will target the development of a common strategy and a shared vision to improve the quality and effectiveness of Biophotonics devices and EU competitiveness. Following a very successful 2018 edition, this year the focus will be on on solving problems/issues which are similar across different application areas like diffuse optics, fluorescence imaging, OCT, Photoacoustic Imaging and so on. Four discussion tables are proposed: 1. Phantom fabrication and characterisation 2. Medical Device Regulation and clinical translation 3. Development of international consensus standards 4. Open Data and Analysis Tools A comprehensive report about the event will be published

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