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PhotonHub Europe , One-Stop-Shop Open Access to Photonics Innovation Support for a Digital Europe

PhotonHub Europe – a new pan-European photonics digital innovation hub – has been awarded €19 million investment from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme. PhotonHub Europe will help European SMEs and mid-caps become highly competitive digital businesses through faster and smarter deployment of photonics-based technologies, directly creating over 1.000 new high-tech EU jobs and nearly €1 billion in new revenues and venture capital by 2025.

In order to accelerate the uptake and deployment of photonics technologies by European industry, PhotonHub is establishing a single photonics innovation hub which integrates all of the best-in-class photonics technologies, facilities, expertise and experience of 53 top competence centres across Europe under one roof as a one-stop-shop solution with open access for any company anywhere in Europe that wants to innovate with photonics.

As a result, PhotonHub is providing European companies, in particular "non-photonics" SMEs and mid-caps that are first users and early adopters of photonics, with open access and guided orienteering through the PhotonHub front office in Brussels, across a broad range of services and capabilities covering:

  • training and upskilling supports
  • "test before invest" innovation support
  • supports to find investment

PhotonHub is focused on providing cross-border added value supports to companies on a pan-European basis, whilst simultaneously working closely with its local photonics hub partners in the European regions to optimise the local proximity of the required support services to European companies irrespective of their location.

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