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InP photonic integrated circuits (PICs) offer game changing performance capabilities across multiple market sectors. Alas, the possibilities have so far been restricted to a small number of vertically-integrated technology businesses. Europe boasts tens of innovative businesses who are positioned to develop PIC-enabled technologies , but – alas again – they do not have access to mature, fast-turnaround predictable, high performance production.

JePIX is a manufacturing pilot line for InP PICs which will transform the PIC industry from a vertically integrated model with all skills in-house within a small number of specialized businesses, to an open-access horizontal model accessible to all European innovators.JePPIX puts in place the technological and operational processes to:

  1. Accelerate the uptake of PIC technology in new markets: enabling SMEs to create tens of products in markets where PICs have not be used before.
  2. Enable sustainable production in Europe creating aligned, scalable and inter-locking services and value chains
  3. Accelerate time to market from years to under 24 months with predictive design for fewer and faster product design cycles
  4. Qualify foundry processes, to TRL7, sharing process optimization across products

JePPIX combines low entrance-threshold, mature-manufacturing to enable tens of European PIC innovators.
JePIX is validated by:

  • A "Pilot Line Validation Program" with two Participants stretching performance
  • A "Demonstrator Open Call" program enabling external users to take thirty designs to pre-production
  • High frequency open access calls, sustainable beyond the end of the project

JePPIX partners have played a pioneering role in open access InP PICs, creating an infrastructure for research and early stage development. We are very well positioned to enable high TRL development in a scalable design kit driven process driving open access InP PICs from proof of concept to industrial prototyping and pre-production.

JePPIX Pilot Line is enabled by the InPulse project.

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