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PHOOTONICS aims at developing a non-invasive, reliable and cost-effective photonics-driven device for DFU monitoring and management which can be applied for wide use.

The project supports two versions:

  • the PHOOTONICS In-Home, used for DFU monitoring by patients and
  • the PHOOTONICS PRO operated by physicians.

PHOOTONICS In-Home: The In-Home version is designed to be dedicated for patients. It includes the optimized low-cost IR sensor with the embedded signal/processing tools in order to increase the resolution performance, reduce noise and provides high-level decision-making mechanisms.

PHOOTONICS PRO: The PRO version is dedicated for physicians at their offices or at hospitals. It enhances the In-Home version by including the

  • optimized HSI sensor, combining with the IR hyperthermia photodetector,
  • the optimized Mid-IR Sensor and
  • the activities HSI illuminator to increase reliability and provide measurements of additional attributes (e.g. tissue properties), while simultaneously keeping the cost affordable for professional use.

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