Pervasive and on-line water quality monitoring data is critical for detecting environmental pollution. Currently, water utilities rely heavily on frequent sampling and laboratory analysis in order to acquire this information. For this situation to be improved, portable and high-performance devices for pervasive water quality monitoring are required.

Towards this end, there has been growing interest in expanding spectroscopic methods beyond the 2μm range of the infrared spectrum. That region of the spectrum is home to many vibrational & rotational absorptions of compounds related to water quality. Unfortunately, water itself is a strong absorber of infrared light. Thus, such methods were restricted to laboratory settings until now.

WaterSpy addresses this challenge by developing water quality detection photonics technology suitable for inline, field measurements, operating in the 6-10 μm region. The solution is based on the combined use of advanced, tuneable Quantum Cascade Lasers and fibre-coupled, fast & sensitive Higher Operation Temperature photodetectors.

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