In a world where explosive, toxic or otherwise lethal substances are, sadly, no longer restricted to theatres of war, but are becoming increasingly common in civilian areas (encountered either by misfortune or misadventure), the ability to detect and identify hazardous chemicals and compounds quickly, easily and at significant range is highly attractive.

Even after a terrorist attack has occurred, significant danger still exists from the threat of further concealed devices, thus significantly impeding the rendering of aid whilst the scene is declared safe. Whilst there has been significant investment in sensor technology to address this need, no single solution has yet been demonstrated which can fulfil the often conflicting needs of high sensitivity, speed, low cost, ease of use, portability and the ability to detect and identify multiple target molecular compounds again confused and unforgiving scenes.

In the CHEQUERS project, we will address this capability by realising two devices, both based around the same core technologies, which draw on the considerable expertise and excellence of the consortium partners.

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