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X-ray examinations provide valuable information about your health and play an essential role in medical diagnostics. The state-of-art consists of indirect converters (e.g. amorphous Silicon backplane and photodiodes stacked with CsI scintillators) which achieve high sensitivity but suffer from poor resolution due to optical cross-talk and direct converters (e.g. amorphous Selenium detectors on amorphous Silicon backplane) which enable high resolution but suffer from poor sensitivity and robustness, especially temperature stability.

The goal of the project DiCoMo is to combine the advantages of today's indirect and direct converters - with potential applications being improving the DQE performance of Mammography detectors and MTF performance of Radiography detectors. The new disruptive technology employed in DiCoMo also promises a radical reduction in material and fabrication costs so that the vision of DiCoMo is to provide opportunities for better diagnosis at lower dose and cost in radiography and mammography.

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