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The aim of TresClean is to demonstrate high-throughput laser-based manufacturing applied to the production of plastic and metal component parts of consumer white goods and liquid filling machines respectively through the development of a novel industrial use of high-average power pulsed lasers in combination with high-performance optical devices and beam delivery systems.

The technical field in which the objectives defined in ICT 27 will be applied and turned into a feasible industrial application is the development of fluid repellent and antibacterial surfaces.

The motivation for the project is to go far beyond the state of the art in laser surface texturation and to gain industrial relevance by applying such a technique over large areas of machine parts or tools. As a consequence, the gap between the lab-tested feasibility of these laser-treated surfaces and the production for real applications will be bridged.

Among the numerous industrial applications which can gain from functionalized surfaces the project is focused on the cleanliness and the asepticity of machine parts for the food industry and home appliances to deliver easier maintenance and longer service life of the laser treated components by making them superhydrophobic and thus enabling other highly desirable functionalities, such as anti-corrosion, antibiofouling, anti-microbial, and low friction resistance.

Lotus leaf helps scientists develop first self-cleaning metals

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