Webinar "Modeling and Design of Meta Structures"

2024 15–29 Jan–Nov

The design and modeling of optical devices based on sub-wavelength, so called “meta”, structures presents very special challenges to the strategies and algorithms typically applied in this process: Due to the involvement of nano-structures, with their specific properties, on macro-scale elements, the applied modeling techniques must be efficient and accurate in simulation and also flexible in usage when it comes to complex optical systems. While rigorous modeling of the sub-wavelength structures with solvers like the rigorous coupled wave analysis (“RCWA”) is inevitable in order to take all occurring effects into account accurately, a powerful platform of algorithms is required to further analyze and also optimize the resulting light distribution with all its thrilling details. Being able to include all effects when required, while at the same time ensuring that the simulation remains as fast as possible, is exactly what the software VirtualLab Fusion offers through its flexible combination of interoperable modeling techniques on a single platform. And you always remain in the driving seat, with full control of the simulation parameters, so that you can strike the balance that you need. In the webinar, we are going to show you how VirtualLab Fusion is already putting tools designed specifically for the user-friendly configuration and simulation of meta-structures at your disposal. Two examples will be presented, that demonstrate the design process of a beam splitter (based on a meta-structures) and a meta-lens.

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