Webinar "Lightguides for Mixed Reality Glasses: Design Techniques and Challenges"

2020 20 October

The use of lightguides with diffraction gratings has become of great interest in the development of augmented reality and mixed reality glasses. The propagation of light through such lightguides requires simulation techniques beyond ray tracing. It must be possible to include physical-optics effects in a controllable manner to meet the needs in modeling and design. This webinar will introduce you to a suitable physical-optics modeling technology and demonstrate it in the software VirtualLab Fusion. The webinar will also address the challenges in the design of such lightguides with different layouts and architectures. Lightguide design for AR/MR constitutes an emerging technology. Some of the technical challenges are understood and solved. Others remain to be investigated and hurdles need to be overcome. Suitable modeling and design techniques, as well as software, are indispensable for further progress. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A. Who Should Attend: Scientists, engineers, and others whose work involves AR/MR technologies who are looking to improve their knowledge of lightguide design. Whether you are designing or developing AR/MR glasses, this webinar will provide insight into gaps in current design trends and how to overcome them. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski (Founder of LightTrans International)

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