Reinventing the laser diode: free public lecture by Professor Richard Hogg

2023 27 November

The latest inaugural lecture at Aston University will explore the laser diode and what's in store for it in the future.

Professor Richard Hogg will explain how his future research might make laser diodes do some of the things that they currently can't do.

The laser diode turned 61 years old this month and the tiny components are a critical part of everyday life. Professor Hogg said: "They are now at the heart of the continuous transformation of society.

"They transmit data to allow instantaneous, ubiquitous communication and data access."

"They allow light to be used for cutting and welding, for sensing and imaging, for displays and illumination, and data storage."

"And in the guise of a laser pointer they can even be used to entertain your cat!"

He will discuss different classes of laser diode and their operation and applications.

Professor Hogg joined Aston University in spring 2023 and is based at Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT). It is one of the world's leading photonics research centres and its scientific achievements range from medical lasers and bio-sensing for healthcare, to the high-speed optical communications technology that underpins the internet and the digital economy.

The professor is also chief technology officer at III-V Epi, which provides compound semiconductor wafer foundry services.

The free event will take place on the University campus at Conference Aston, on Thursday 28 November from 6pm to 8pm and will be followed by a drinks reception. It can also be viewed online.

You will find any further details & the registration link on the event website.

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