Photonics and Europe's Cancer Mission - Colorectal Cancer

2021 15 June

The European Commission has set the objective of reducing the incidence and impact of cancer. This mission is a defining framework for funding and research priorities. This webinar will explore an important dimension of how research in the field of photonics-enabled medical technology can play a role in helping reduce the health and economic costs of Europe's second most common cancer.

The webinar will hear three presentations:

  • Colorectal Cancer in Europe: The Costs and the Challenges - Dr Stephen Capper (Q4 & PROSCOPE Consortium)
  • Photonics and the Early Diagnosis of CRC - Prof Peter Andersen (Technical University of Denmark & PROSCOPE Consortium)
  • Photonics and Europe's Health Challenges - Dr Thomas Mayerhofer (Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies & Photonics 21)


There will be extensive opportunity for questions during the webinar.

Bringing together 10 partners in 5 countries, PROSCOPE is a research consortium working to explore the potential to integrate optical imaging technics to allow for the early diagnosis and therefore treatment of colorectal cancer.

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