OptoNet Summer Course - Fast Physical Optics Modeling and Design

2022 03–07 July

This July we invite you to our first "OptoNet Summer Course - Fast Physical Optics Modeling and Design". It consists of a two-day introductory training that teaches the basics of using the fast physical optics software VirtualLab Fusion and a three-day training on "Gratings" in different application areas. The special feature of this training is that the content of the courses has been designed so that it is possible to book them together or separately. For this reason, it is perfect for optical engineers and designers with any level of experience in VirtualLab Fusion or even beginners who want to get to know the software. Learning Outcomes • Become familiar with the most common workflows • Understand how to connect and use the Field Solvers • Gain an understanding of the necessary settings (Fourier transforms) • Get tips and tricks in using VirtualLab Fusion • Learn how to construct mesh geometries • How to use the software tools for grating analysis and design • Practice everything with a selection of practical examples from real applications

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