LightTrans User Meetup Prepare for 2022 – Ask Us Your Open Questions

2021 01 December

In these challenging times, we have taken advantage of the tools modern technology puts at our disposal to stay close to you, our users. The LightTrans User Meetups give you the opportunity to enjoy a chat with our optical engineering experts in the One-on-One Meetings, where you can pose your questions about VirtualLab Fusion applications and technology, or to join the VirtualLab Fusion Lounge, where you will receive detailed information about the licenses, packages and toolboxes of our Fast Physical Optics software.

So far, most of our Meetups have each been centered around a given topic: Gratings, Interferometry, Crystals and Microlens Arrays being prominent examples. But we are aware that, in this time of year, many of us like to take stock and reflect on what has been, so that we can take the lessons of the past with us going forward.

In that spirit, for the last Meetup of 2021, we would like to encourage you to look back on all the exciting innovations that VirtualLab Fusion brought to you this year with its 2021.1 release. Any open questions come to mind? A nagging thought that has been at the back of your head for a while now, and that you would like to have solved? Perhaps just thinking about it will get your juices flowing, and altogether new, electrifying questions and ideas come to the fore!

Well, that is what this Meetup is for! Once again, you will get the chance to book your appointments with our Engineering and Sales colleagues so that you can discuss your unanswered questions. And may this opportunity help you enter 2022 with renewed enthusiasm to continue your prolific work with the fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion!

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