Laserlab-Europe Talks: KiMoPack - A python Package for Kinetic Modeling of the Chemical Mechanism

2022 29 November

Jens Uhlig (Lund University, Sweden) will present KiMoPack, an analysis tool for the kinetic modeling of transient spectroscopic data. KiMoPack enables a state-of-the-art analysis routine including data preprocessing and standard fitting (global analysis), as well as fitting of complex (target) kinetic models, interactive viewing of (fit) results, and multi-experiment analysis via user accessible functions and a graphical user interface (GUI) enhanced interface. KiMoPack is open source and provides a comprehensive front-end for preprocessing, fitting and plotting of 2-dimensional data that simplifies the access to a powerful python-based data-processing system and forms the foundation for a well-documented, reliable, and reproducible data analysis. Jens Uhlig is an associate professor at the Division of Chemical Physics, in the Department of Chemistry, Lund University, and is an expert in time-resolved optical and X-ray methods, particularly on ultra-fast timescales. Topic: KiMoPack - A python Package for Kinetic Modeling of the Chemical Mechanism Speaker: Jens Uhlig (Lund University, Sweden) Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 4pm CET

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