Laserlab-Europe Talk: Scientific fundamentals and practice of Photoacoustic Tomography

2023 24 October

Photoacoustic tomography (PAT) is based on the absorption of light by endogenous or exogenous molecules – organic or inorganic – and the subsequent generation of acoustic waves resulting of the rapid deposition of heat upon deactivation of the excited electronic states of these molecules. In practice, PAT is used to imaging small animals, e.g. mice, using pulsed laser light with wavelengths capable of penetrating biological tissues (680nm-2300nm) and activating specific chromophores. The great advantages of PAT are the molecular contrast provided by the selective absorption of light and the resolution (microns) obtained by the high frequencies of acoustic waves. Title: Scientific fundamentals and practice of Photoacoustic Tomography Speaker: Fábio A. Schaberle (CLL, Portugal) Date: Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 3:00pm CEST -- The Laserlab-Europe Talks consist of a series of online seminars and panel discussions proposed and organised by our community on specific topics (thematic or research-specific) and provide a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing. The talks take place on a Wednesday afternoon each month and are open to all interested parties, from PhD students to experts in the field and industrial and medical partners as appropriate.

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