7th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres

2019 23 September

This is the seventh in a successful series of European symposia held over the past few years, which focusses on technologies for high-performance, low-energy and low-cost optical interconnects spanning the different hierarchy levels of modern and future data centre environments.

More information about the Symposium can be found in https://www.ecoc2019.org/special-events.html

We have already secured a brilliant line-up of speakers from industry and the EU-funded research area. This is supported through the H2020-Projects on Optical Interconnects:

H2020-L3MATRIX (www.l3matrix.eu ), H2020-ICT-STREAMS (www.ict-streams.eu ), H2020-COSMICC (www.h2020-cosmicc.com ), H2020-MASSTART (www.masstart.eu ).

Abstract: The focus of this symposium is the evolution of high-performance, low-energy and low-cost optical and photonic interconnect technologies for data communications. We intend to draw out and discuss the key technology enablers and inhibitors to widespread commercial proliferation of photonic interconnect in mega data centre environments and throughout the wider Internet of Things (IoT) all the way to the "Edge", and how the optical interconnect community can collectively help to address these.

This technology evolution is already strongly reflected in the research, development and strategic activities of mainstream organisations in the data centre and broader IoT space and the emergence of a new technology eco-system. The topics addressed will include passive and active embedded optical and photonic interconnect technologies for data centre and IoT including photonic integrated circuits (III-Vs, silicon, polymer, photonic crystals, plasmonics), optical circuit boards, optical transceivers and switches, sensors and the advanced data centre architectures, which these technologies enable.

The projected increase in capacity, processing power and bandwidth density in data centre environments must be addressed by the migration of high density optical interconnect into the data communication enclosures. The conversion point between electrical to optical interconnects will move ever closer to the on-board processing complexes, whether these be CPUs, data storage controllers, FPGAs, routers or switches.

This migration is already strongly reflected in the research, development and strategic activities of mainstream organisations in the data centre and broader ICT space and the emergence of a new technology eco-system. Motivated by recent breakthroughs and emerging technologies in short reach optical interconnect and the evolution of data centre architectures, this symposium aims to highlight the latest achievements on optical system solutions and architectures, that are placing photonics among the key enabling technologies of datacom and computercom evolution.


Session 1: Optical interconnects for data centres

09:00 - The path to memory-driven computing - Terry Morris, HPE Labs

09:15 - Optical switching in data centers: Light at the end of the tunnel - Hitesh Ballani, Microsoft

09:30 - Optical interconnects for future radio systems - Francesco Testa, Ericsson

09:45 - System innovations in DCI optical transport - Loukas Paraschis, Infinera

10:00 - Scaling datacenter networks with photonic integration - Elad Mentovich, Mellanox

10:15 - Rack-scale disaggregation: does optics make sense? - Laurent Schares, IBM

10:30 - Panel Discussion

10:45 - Coffee break

Session 2: Bring quatum communications into data centres

11:15 - Quantum network connections using semiconductor entangled light emitters - Mark Stevenson, Toshiba

11:30 - Towards a silicon photonics platform for quantum communications and quantum computing - Ségolène Olivier, CEA-LETI

11:45 - The development of QKD Technology in BT - Andrew Lord, British Telecom

12:00 - Dynamically switched QKD networking to secure distributed systems - George Kanellos, University of Bristol

12:15 - Can we transfer analogue coherent optics of access networks to the realm of datacenters? - Bernhard Schrenk, Austrian Institute of Technology

12:30 - Lunch break

Session 3: Photonic technologies for data centre interconnects

13:30 - Si photonics base chip scale 100Gbps optical transceiver "Optical I/O core" for wide temperature range - Kazuhiko Kurata, AIOCore

13:45 - Takaaki Ishigure, Keio University

14:00 - TeraPHY: A chiplet technology for low-power, high-bandwidth in-package optical I/O - Mark Wade, Ayar Labs

14:15 - Photonic integrated circuits for data center interconnects - Annika Dochhan, ADVA

14:30 - Innovations in optical packaging for high volume manufacture of optical interconnects - Kobi Hasharoni, DustPhotonics

14:45 - Technological advancement in photonic integrated circuits interconnects - Bernard Lee, Senko

15:00 - Develop your custom photonic integrated circuit for optical interconnects; technology selection and design & validation - Katarzyna Ławniczuk, Bright Photonics 15:15 - Coffee break Session 4: Next generation computing

15:45 - Nanoseconds photonic integrated switches for optical data center networks - Nicola Calabretta, Eindhoven University of Technology

16:00 - Reimagining the architecture of data center networks with optical switching and burst-mode technologies - Ibrahim Salah, NTT

16:15 - Bandwidth steering for flexible deep disaggregation in data centers - Keren Bergman, Columbia University 16:30 - Silicon photonic transceiver and routing technologies for datacom and computercom interconnects - Theoni Alexoudi, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

16:45 - Holistic transformation enabling the mass manufacturing of Tb/s data centre transceivers - Bogdan Sirbu, Fraunhofer IZM

17:00 - Graphene photonics for low cost and high-speed datacenter interconnects - Daniel Schall, AMO

17:15 - Panel discussion

17:45 - End of symposium Syposium

Organizers: Tolga Tekin (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany), Nikos Pleros (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Richard Pitwon (Resolute Photonics, United Kingdom), Dimitris Apostolopoulos (Institute of Communications and Computer Systems / National Technical University of Athens, Greece), Paraskevas Bakopoulos (Mellanox Technologies Ltd., Israel).

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