Workshop: What PICs can do in Quantum technologies

01 December

Photonic Integration in general, and Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs) in particular, are considered as an enabler for quantum technology. Conversely, quantum technology is regarded as a major emerging market for photonic integration.

This workshop will be held in the frame of the Virtual European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC).

To profit from the Quantum Flagship and the Photonics21 European Technology Platform (ETP) actively supporting these fields in Europe, joint efforts are needed to gain technological leadership and stimulate job creation. In this context, a joint Focus Group from both initiatives has been formed with the general goals of making QPICs a European priority and setting up a European QPIC infrastructure in the longer term. Furthermore, the joint efforts aim at building the basis for future cooperation of projects from both areas, better access to infrastructure and joint funding activities of both initiatives.

During the workshop, several topics will be addressed: Firstly, pilot lines and RTOs will present the state of the art in available PIC technology. Secondly, impulse talks and discussions are aimed at prioritising research and development goals for QPICs with regards to functionalities, specifications, and modularisation (for each quantum pillar). Additionally, recent results from the work of the Focus Group – including the formulation of a community-driven and -attuned position paper on QPICs – will be presented and discussed.

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