Monday, 23 October 2023

Povide us your view & make a difference! Photonics21 Survey on Advanced Materials in the Photonics Supply Chain

As a follow-up activity of the Supply Chain Survey jointly carried out by Photonics21 and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Photonics21 aims to further investigate the role of advanced materials in the photonics supply chains in Europe.


One of the findings of the survey carried out last year was that for over 90% of the companies facing supply chain issues, these issues relate to output disruptions caused by shortages and delivery delays in the supply chain. In particular, the availability of materials appeared to be one of the key choke points.

Participate in the survey & make a difference!

The current survey focuses on advanced materials and aims to get more insights on relevant supply chains issues related to advanced materials.

In the current geopolitical situation Photonics21 considers it important to determine the potential disruption of European photonic supply chains caused by shortages of advanced materials.

Identify whether specific actions are necessary to strengthen European scientific and/or production capacities in advanced materials and make a difference by filling in the survey!

You are kindly asked for valuable feedback by 20 November 2023.


As some questions are of a sensitive and confidential nature the structure of the questionnaire ensures that all statistics and information cannot be attributed to specific answers. For this purpose, the first two questions related to your contact data (e-mail & company's/organisation's name) will be separated from the questionnaire parts 1 and 2 for the evaluation, so that the name of the company/organisation cannot be assigned to the answers.

The anonymised and aggregated results will be shared with political decision makers and may be published by Photonics21.


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