Thursday, 25 October 2018

Photonics21-Photonics cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2017 published

The Photonics21-Photonics cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2017 has now been published.

The report analyses the main activities and achievements of the Photonics PPP during 2017 which include the implementation of the photonics call for proposals evaluated in 2017, the mobilisation of stakeholders, outreach and sucess stories as well as the governance of the Photonics PPP:

  • 17 new Horizon 2020 projects started with a total budget of €96,387,748.75 – demonstrating a strong industrial commitment and driven by end-user needs.
  • A community based Strategic Vision Document was prepared: "Europe's age of light! How photonics will power growth and innovation" outlining 8 bold missions on how photonics will drive Europe´s long term future competitiveness was prepared.
  • A "European Photonics Venture Forum" (EPVF) was successfully conducted in Dublin, bringing together >30 high tech investors and >30 photonics start-ups to responded to the so far unmet capital demand of innovative young photonics companies.

The report further monitors the overall progress of the Photonics PPP since its launch.

For any further details you can download the Photonics21-Photonics cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2017.


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