Thursday, 15 February 2018

Change in call text ICT-04-2018

A correction in the Connected Lighting Call topic for WP 2018-2020 has been done

It was communicated by the Eurpean Commission that there has been a correction in the Connected Lighting call text ICT-04-2018.

The text

" iii. European industrial leadership in a wide range of photonic applications and technologies enabling penetration of new markets as well as for established telecom and datacom applications. Demonstrable performance advantages in terms of sensitivity, speed, energy efficiency and robustness."

has been replaced with:

" iii. Enabling Europe to maintain and build on its leading position in innovative lighting solutions by making lighting part of the Internet of Things and unlocking new application domains "

The new text appears in the specific topic webpage as well as the in the pdf file that includes the entire H2020 LEIT-ICT WP2018-2020 Workprogramme

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