Wednesday, 21 December 2016

ADB Safegate Sweden AB awarded the prize as the Best Swedish Optics and Photonics Company of the Year 2016

ADB Safegate Sweden ABwon the large optics and photonics prize awarded annually to the best Swedish company in the field, who have distinguished themselves both technically and financially in the previous year. Laureate for example rewarded for technological innovation, for successful economic ventures or demonstrated good profitability. ADB Safegate is a leading provider of intelligent solutions to airports for safe and efficient navigation and handling of aircraft on the ground, such as the docking of the aircraft at the gates based on laser radar technology and has developed robust LED-based positioning lights for runways. ADB Safegate, founded in 1973 with headquarters in Malmö (south of Sweden), has more than 900 employees in more than 20 countries and operates in more than 175 countries, serving more than 2,000 airports.

The motivation of the prize by the board of PhotonicSweden was: “ADB Safegate’s innovative development of photonics solutions has contributed greatly to become the world leader in products and solutions for the safe and efficient navigation in airports. These solutions have resulted in the company's products are distributed worldwide, and given ADB Safegate steady growth and good profitability. The company's products help to increase the safety of air traffic and its travelers as well as to reduce energy consumption at airports.”

A modern airport is a highly efficient operation, with a huge amount of actions that all have to work smoothly and according to time schedule every day. Saving money in an airport is all about details – many, many details. If a little money can be saved on every single operation, the result will be great savings on a yearly basis. By 2029, airport traffic is expected to double. This will involve large investments by all of the world’s airports in order to maintain traffic efficiency and safety. ADB Safegate Group works with system solutions that improve operations and ensure safety within the airport. With 40 years of experience from the world’s busiest airports, ADB Safegate Group is one contact point for a complete solution guaranteeing the airport performance, from approach to departure.

The prize and diploma was handed over to ADB Safegate representative Alexander Strandberg by the chairman of PhotonicSweden Dr.Magnus Breidne, at the conference “Optics & Photonics in Sweden 2016” on the 2nd November in Linköping.

Example of previous winners awarded the prize as the best Swedish Optics and Photonics company are: Axis AB (2015), Airborne Hydrography AB (2014), CellaVision AB (2013), Neonode AB (2012) and  SenseAir AB (2011).

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