Düsseldorf, 20.04.2017
Photonics PPP call topics for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 determined! - Process successfully completed by Photonics21
#next.photonics_forum – Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2017
New Photonics PPP Impact Report – Read about how the PPP realized the Potential of Photonics for Growth & Jobs in Europe
Visit us at the Laser World of Photonics fair in Munich, 26 – 29 June 2017
STEPHANIE project held its first interregional learning event
Join – European Photonics Venture Forum, 10-11 May 2017, Dublin, Ireland
Join – Photonics 4 Automotive, 18 May 2017, Barcelona, Spain
Join – Photonics 4 Industria 4.0, 19 May 2017, Milano, Italy
Join – Photonics 4 Sorting, 8 June 2017, Graz, Austria
Join – International School on Light Sciences and Technologies, ISLIST 19-23 June 2017, Santander, Spain
Join – Photonics 4 Luxury Coatings, 21 June 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
Join – Workshop on “Aligning Education with Innovation”, 28 June 2017, Laser World of Photonics Munich, Germany
Join – 2nd Photonics Inter-Cluster Meeting, 29 June 2017, Laser World of Photonics Munich, German
Join – International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing (JNPLI), 13-14 September 2017, Strasbourg, France
Join – AutoSens, 19-21 September, Brussels, Belgium
Join – LED professional Symposium, 26-28 September 2017, Bregenz, Austria

   Dear Photonics21 member

The Photonics PPP process to identify the call topics for Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-2020 is successfully completed. Find the results in this newsletter.

You also will find the report of the Photonics PPP Annual Meeting which was just recently taking place at the Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels. The next event respectively fair is already in planning: Visit our booth at the Laser World of Photonics fair in Munich.

Discover the newly published Photonics PPP Impact report and read about how the PPP realized the Potential of Photonics for Growth & Jobs in Europe.

Join our upcoming end user workshops Photonics 4 Automotive, Photonics 4 Industry 4.0, Photonics 4 Sorting and Photonics 4 Luxury Coatings. We also encourage you to register to the European Photonics Venture Forum, the events organized by RespiceSME, AutoSens in Brussels and the LED professional Symposium in Bregenz.

If you would like to inform the Photonics21 membership on any photonics activities or events within your national or regional photonics community or provide us your feedback to the Photonics21 newsletter you can send it to SECRETARIAT@PHOTONICS21.ORG.

Best regards

Secretariat Photonics21


The prioritization process for the Photonics21 PPP calls 2018-20 - started at the Annual Meeting 2016 - was successfully completed mid of April. Based on the Board of Stakeholder Prioritization of the Photonics21 Work Group Proposals the Photonics PPP Partnership Board prepared a proposal how to implement the photonics research and innovation priorities into the Work Programme 2018-20. The proposal was approved by the Board of Stakeholders mid of April (Yes: 50, Abstention: 2; No: 2).

DRAFT - Core Photonics PPP call: Photonics KET
ICT-03-2018 Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines - Innovation Actions

  • Providing low entry barrier access for industry in particular SMEs, low and medium production volumes
  • Indium Phosphide
  • Silicon Photonics

ICT-04-2018 Photonics based manufacturing and production of advanced photonics

a) Innovation Actions

  • Access to advanced photonics for researchers
  • Enabling automated mass manufacturing of Datacom photonics products
  • Connected Lighting

b) Research and Innovation Actions

  • Highly productive ultra-short laser systems for fast materials processing
  • Tailored laser beams

ICT-05-2019 Application driven photonics components and Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines

a) Innovation Actions

  • Photonics devices for advanced imaging to support diagnostics driven therapy
  • Sensor-Based optimization of Production Processes
  • Maturing a technology platform and providing low entry barrier access for industry in particular SMEs, low and medium production volumes
  • Free-form optics
  • Advanced optical medical device technologies for both in-vivo and in-vitrodiagnosis

b) Research and Innovation Actions

  • Photonics system on Chip/ System in Package for optical interconnect applications
  • Photonics devices for advanced imaging to support diagnostics driven therapy
  • Flexible Farm-to-Fork Sensing Photonics

c) Coordination and Support Actions

  • Fostering Careers in Photonics

ICT-06-2020 Disruptive photonics technologies

a) Research and Innovation Actions

  • 3D light field and holographic displays
  • New concepts for assembly and packaging for photonics components
  • Light to Fuel
  • Next generation biophotonics methods and devices as research tools to understand the cellular origin of deseases

ICT-07-2020 Advancing photonics technologies and application driven photonics components

a) Innovation Actions

  • Hyperspectral VIS-NMIR Sensing and Deep Learning

b) Research and Innovation Actions

  • New Photonics Integrated Circuit Technology

c) Coordination and Support Action

  • Photonics21 strategy support

DT-01-[2020]: I4MS (phase 4) – uptake of digital game changers and digital manufacturing platforms

a) Innovation Actions

  • IoT and cyber-physical systems contributing to the circular economy
  • Human-robot cooperation
  • Analytics, simulation and artificial intelligence
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Laser based equipment in advanced manufacturing
  • Uptake of emerging platforms by SMEs and mid-caps

DT-03-[2020]: Photonics Innovation Hubs

b) Innovation Actions

  • Open Access to Photonics Innovation Hubs

The call topics are now implemented into a draft call text for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-20 by the European Commission. As a next and final step in the process the European Commission coordinates the draft call text with the member states for their comments and approval. Changes can still be implemented by the member states. It is expected that the overall budget for the topics may add up to 333 Mio EUR. The call text for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-20 will be published in autumn 2017.

Overall, more than 800 participants attended the Photonics21 workshops to determine the PPP call topics, many more were providing feedback in the subsequent consultation phases.
On behalf of the Photonics21 Boards and the European Commission we thank all members for their active participation and contribution!

For information on the overall prioritization process, tasks and responsibilities within the process please visit the PHOTONICS21 WEBSITE.

Organic and Large-Area Electronics continues to be in scope of Photonics21. The support is focused on OLAE topics that have photonics content (such as lighting, displays and optical sensors). OLAE topics that do not involve photonics will be supported by other parts of H2020, such as in the 'competitive electronics industry' area and in the NMPB (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing and Biotechnology) part of H2020.

With strong messages coming from the Photonics PPP in solid growth above global GDP, more than 42,000 new European jobs in the industry forecast by 2020, and firm positions in Core Segments, this year's Annual Meeting showed a Public Private Partnership that was mature and confident in its position as partner of the European Commission.

Aldo Kamper, photo by Natalie Hill – Source: VDITZ

Taking place at Le Plaza Hotel, Brussels, this year's Photonics PPP Annual Meeting saw the incoming president Aldo Kamper, CEO Osram Opto Semiconductor, Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT and Philippe Vannson, Head of Photonics Unit in DG CONNECT speak candidly about the achievements of the Photonics Public Private Partnership in the form of a continued growth, a creative ecosystem and being well placed to fulfill its investment pledges ahead of Horizon 2020.

Speaking about the success of the Photonics PPP in its first three years, Photonics21 Vice President Giorgio Anania showed spending on projects to exceed €277.9 million, with 335 industrial partners involved, where more than half are SMEs. With the Global Photonics Industry doubling from € 228 billion in 2005 to € 447 billion in 2015, Anania revealed how the industry had outstripped global GDP growth across the decade.

Khalil Rouhana, photo by Natalie Hill – Source: VDITZ

Giving a brief update on the latest Photonics PPP IMPACT REPORT and Photonics Market Data, Anania outlined the Potential of Photonics for Growth & Jobs in Europe with an impressive forecast of 42,000 newly created European jobs in the industry by the end of Horizon 2020.

These were substantial achievements and a very exciting time for incoming Photonics21 President, Aldo Kamper, CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductor to take over the good work of Dr Michael Mertin, CEO Jenoptik AG.

Speaking of a strong and effective PPP, Kamper was proud to be in charge of a partnership that is well-positioned to deliver on its pledges to quadruple the investment of the European Commission ahead of 2020, but also one that is looking ahead to the future. "The challenge for us in the photonics community is to find the next big thing."

Kamper was clear in his desire to see strengthened links: "More work needs to be done between the partners of the photonics community. We must look at the even bigger picture to see where photonics technology can contribute and reach out, outside of photonics."

Khalil Rouhana emphasized the importance of the Digitising European Industry initiative, and the creative ecosystem that the Photonics PPP enables. "This initiative ensures that any industry in Europe can not only benefit from digital innovation but can compete on a global scale, grow and create jobs," Rouhana said. This Public Private Partnership, Rouhana explained, is a reflection of what Europe does best: "Working together in a competitive manner".

Philippe Vannson discussed how the European Commission had been focusing on this creative ecosystem to foster synergies among the members in the value chain, and what would be needed for the Commission's continued investment in the technologies that boost the digital innovation capacities of Europe.
This year's Student Innovation Award was presented by Photonics21 executive board member Jaap Lombaers, and won by Lien Smeesters, PhD student and research assistant at Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

Left to right: Jaap Lombaers, Lien Smeester, Khalil Rouhana, Aldo Kamper, photo by Natalie Hill – Source: VDITZ

Smeesters was applauded for her work on food safety, in particular the development of spectroscopic sensing techniques for the optical detection of carcinogens in food products as well as integrating this research into in-line industrial sorting machines. She picked up a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize of € 5,000.


The Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2017 was kindly sponsored by:


The new online report gives insights on:

  • More than 3 years close cooperation of the public and private side in the Photonics PPP
  • PPP Performance as defined in our Key Performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Collaborations and Partners
  • Future challenges and how we will get prepared

Read the full report HERE

Another highlight is approaching. This year's Laser World of Photonics is taking place in the last week of June in Munich. This year we will use the opportunity to publish more detailed results of the market study we have conducted. Please make sure you visit our booth.

Several projects of the Photonics PPP are organizing special workshops in this frame. The CSA RespiceSME is even organizing two events: A workshop on "Aligning Education with Innovation" and the "Cluster Meeting".

You will find more information in the event sector of this newsletter.

On the 7 and 8 of February, the STEPHANIE project held its first interregional learning event.

8 partners from 7 different countries gathered together in order to start exchanging experiences on the topic of space technology with Photonics.
STEPHANIE – Space Technology with Photonics for market and societal challenges is a project funded by the INTERREG EUROPE programme for interregional cooperation, which runs from 1 January 2017 and lasts 5 years, divided into a 3 year phase of exchange and 2 years of implementation.

The project is led by CNR-IFAC INSTITUE OF APPLIED PHYSICS /OPTOSCANA (IT), while the other partners are Regional Government of Tuscany (IT), the City of Prague (CZ), Photonics Bretagne (FR), NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics.NRW Cluster (DE), Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (ES), Durham County Council (UK), University of Liège (BE).

They work together to ensure that policy is designed to guarantee real benefits from space technology based on Photonics, particularly in space and earth observation. Interregional exchange particularly seeks to improve how policy tools support R&I delivery through quadruple helix cooperation and coordinated, simplified funding schemes for the development of marketable and society orientated products and services.

The event in Florence was the occasion to kick start the project, presenting the regions involved and sharing objectives and activities for the 5 years of collaboration. An interactive workshop was also held, involving regional stakeholders (representatives from the Quadruple Helix) that will support STEPHANIE's activities at local level. Partners visited a Tuscan centre of excellence in Photonics and space sector, a branch of the Space Line of Business (LoB) of Leonardo Company (former Finmeccanica), a global high-tech company and one of the key players in Aerospace, Defence and Security.

For further information on the project, please visit the official website: WWW.INTERREGEUROPE.EU/STEPHANIE

Join – European Photonics Venture Forum, 10-11 May 2017, Dublin, Ireland

ACTPHAST and the Photonics PPP are delighted to announce that they are once again linking up with TechTour to run the European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) which aims to deliver increased investment levels in ambitious fast-growing European companies who are building exciting innovative products with photonics.
The EPVF event is specifically designed to bring together top level entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and policy makers in an intense and high-energy programme of investment pitching, ideas sharing, networking and direction setting. The next edition of the EPVF will take place on 10 & 11 May in Dublin, Ireland and we believe this is an opportunity not to be missed and it would be great to see you there.
For companies, applying to pitch to investors at EPVF2017 is free of charge. Selected companies invited to pitch at the event will benefit from:

  • Access for 1 participant to the Forum
  • Presenting opportunity to a panel of investors and industry experts
  • Networking with corporate contacts, VCs & fast-growing companies
  • Visibility through website & company profile
  • Networking dinner
  • Full conference information pack


The closing date for applications to be included in the Company Presentations to Investors is the end of March 2017.
To get more information download the EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT and visit the EVENT'S WEBSITE.

The Spanish Technology Platform for Photonics (Fotónica21) organizes an event on Photonics and Lighting for the Automotive industry.
Within the Automobile Barcelona (International Automobile Show), which takes place in the Montjuic venue of the Fira Barcelona, Fotonica21 organizes an event dedicated to the use of photonic technologies for signalling and lighting in automotive vehicles. The event will take place back to back with the General Assembly of the Spanish Photonics Technology Platform.

Please do have a look at the EVENT'S WEBSITE to find information on the programme and the registration page.

The workshop Photonics4Industry 4.0, organized by CORIFI-AEIT and UCIMU and with the support of the European Commission, Horizon2020 project EuroPho21, targets European companies end users of photonic technologies. The workshop will bring together experts at European level in the field of photonics, mechanical processing and industrial technologies to discuss the opportunities for innovation that photonic technologies, such as optical sensors and data networks, can lead to production systems and mechanical processes and their applications in key regional, national and European manufacturing sectors.
The workshop specific objectives are:

  • To establish and strengthen synergies at European and national level between the field of photonics, photonic SMEs and the users of such technologies
  • To establish new partnerships
  • To identify partners at the European level and complete the value chain
  • To identify further needs of R & I for the machining industry compartment.

For more information please download the EVENT FLYER and visit the EVENT'S WEBSITE.

The end-user-workshop is embedded in the "CONFERENCE ON HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING FOR INDUSTRY" – an international event on crosslinking between the stakeholder groups of hyperspectral imaging (photonic sensing) and different
user groups. An important group of industrial end-users is defined by the sorting industry and aside of imaging and sensing the illumination is crucial for efficient sorting. Thus at the workshop cutting edge solutions form the illumination sector will be presented and discussed in the context of the
demands for the sorting industry.
Topics addressed:
• Alternative light sources for NIR spectroscopy and sorting applications
• Tuning of illumination: Latest solutions from lighting industry
For more information please download the EVENT FLYER and visit the EVENT'S WEBSITE.

Aware of the key role that light is playing and what is more important will play in the sciences, in technologies in the economies and in the societies of the XXI century, the UIMP has decided to create the "International School on light Sciences and Technologies (ISLIST)". This school is envisioned to be a worldwide top International forum (every fourth week of June) on Light Sciences and Technologies in the framework of a "special top university" that is recognized as the "university of universities" and in a privileged environment: The Royal Magdalena Palace in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Each edition of this international school will have an intensification or main core in a specific application area and additional current hot topics.

Light in Energy and Environment is the core of this 2017 edition.

For more information visit the SCHOOLS WEBSITE and download the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

This workshop organized by Swissphotonics, the Swiss National Thematic Network (NTN) for photonics, will take place in the framework of the EPMT 2017, the most important annual exhibition for Swiss suppliers of watch industry and micro technology EPHJ.

There will be speakers from various industry sectors. Among others these speakers confirmed their participation: Dr. Andreas Bächli - Buchs SG; Dr. Florian Bourgeois - Comelec SA; Dipl. Ing. Alois Wiesböck - Ocea Optics; Dr. Ralph Delmdahl - Coherent Laser Systems.

The event will be of value to companies that are established in the sector or are looking to develop products there, as well photonics academics with an interest in industrial collaboration and commercialisation.

For more information, please visit the EVENT'S WEBSITE

Join – Workshop on “Aligning Education with Innovation”, 28 June 2017, Laser World of Photonics Munich, Germany

What does education need to provide in order to stimulate innovation in photonics? This and other questions regarding the "Alignment of Education with Innovation" are the subject of discussion in this workshop at the Laser World of Photonics Congress in Munich. Industry representatives, innovation experts from academia and representatives from EU educational programmes will give the keynotes. After the presentations there will be the opportunity for networking and matchmaking for job/internship seekers and companies.

The Workshop takes place on 28th June 2017 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the LASER World of PHOTONICS Congress in Munich.

Registration for the event is free-of-charge. Please register until 20th of June at the latest under following LINK.

Please also download the WORKSHOP FLYER

Join – 2nd Photonics Inter-Cluster Meeting, 29 June 2017, Laser World of Photonics Munich, German

Photonic clusters & experts are invited to join the Photonics inter-cluster Meeting, organized by RespiceSME partners at the Laser World of Photonics Congress and exhibition in Munich (Germany) on the 29th of June 2017, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m..

The aim of the meeting is to enhance the exchange of Best Practices among Photonic Clusters and to foster future cluster collaboration and innovation development in the participant's regions and countries. In addition, the RespiceSME consortium will present the tools developed within the project which contribute to the innovation potential of photonics SMEs.

Please register until 20th June at the latest under this LINK. Registration is free of charge.

Please also download the EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT

Join – International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing (JNPLI), 13-14 September 2017, Strasbourg, France

The 2017 International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing (JNPLI) will occur on 13th & 14th September 2017 at the convention center in Strasbourg / France. JNPLI is a major event dedicated to industrial laser technologies and their advances. The JNPLI offers an overview of the latest innovations and recently implemented laser applications.


This event is supported by ICube and the University of Strasbourg.

The main topics for the conference will be related to:

  • Laser processing in Smart Factory & Industry 4.0,
  • Additive manufacturing on metals or polymers,
  • Joining of dissimilar materials,
  • Surface texturing & surface treatment,
  • Transparent materials processing,
  • Process monitoring & control,
  • Beam shaping & delivery,
  • New laser developments,
  • Power scaling of ultrafast lasers,
  • Frequency conversion.

Here is the link for submission: CLICK HERE

Your submission has to be send to: COMMUNICATION@LASERENLIGNE.FR
The conference program will include several thematic sessions and many networking opportunities between attendees. Simultaneous translation will be available. You'll also have access to coffee-breaks and a buffet for lunch.

This new edition is held simultaneously with ESPACE LASER 2017, the European Trade Fair for Laser Processing in the Industry of the Future. Resolutely industrial, ESPACE LASER is the only trade fair in France dedicated to materials and laser techniques for the industry. It displays all the production techniques and new laser additive manufacturing technologies for the development and rapid production of complex parts and customized products.

Join – AutoSens, 19-21 September, Brussels, Belgium

The world's leading technical summit for ADAS and autonomous vehicle perception technology. Built on the vision of senior technical experts at automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and delivered by conference experts with a passion for engineering.

We make a welcome return to AutoWorld in September 2017 – a spectacular venue for anyone with a passion for cars. Once again, the perfect backdrop for the continuation of technical discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology. With the AutoSens Awards, added venue features and enhanced networking, even previous attendees will have a multitude of new experiences in 2017

Join us and participate in industry-wide knowledge sharing and discussion.

Get a 15% discount on the tickets when using our PERSONALIZED LINK.

Find out more about AutoSens on the EVENT'S WEBSITE.

The LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS) is an annual event and meeting point for experts from international lighting industries and research, which takes place at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria.

With about 100 lectures, several workshops, 1,600 expected visitors and around 100 exhibitors, this event is one of the world's leading lighting technology conferences.

The seventh LpS will cover trends and technologies for future lighting solutions under the motto: "Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations" from September 26 to 28, 2017.

Early-Bird-Tickets are available at WWW.LPS2017.COM/REGISTRATION.

Get more information on the EVENT'S WEBSITE.