VirtualLab Fusion Webinar: Fiber Optics

2021 03 February

VirtualLab Fusion comes with new features for the modeling and design of systems for fiber optics. Based on linearly polarized (LP) modes and Gaussian-Laguerre solver techniques, LightTrans will present: * The fiber source, which emits customer-selected weighted fiber modes, * The fiber coupling efficiency detectors, which provide the efficiency of the power transferred into multi-mode and single-mode fibers, * The fiber component, which enables the propagation of electromagnetic fields through fibers. These new features significantly extend the physical-optics modeling and design capability of VirtualLab Fusion for fiber optics applications. This is demonstrated by examples such as: * Investigating the aberration effects on the fiber modes in the focal region, * Analyzing the field propagation through an optical system with fiber components, * Presenting a complete design workflow of the coupling system of either single-mode or multi-mode fiber, including lens system design and tolerance analysis.

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