Photonics 4 Agri-Food

2019 13–13 March

Photonics 4 Agri-Food

Rennes, Frances

Photonics is becoming a major technology in the agri-food industry. So, in the framework of the European projects NEXTPHO21 and EPRISE, Photonics France and Photonics Bretagne co-organize a business meeting Photonics 4 Agri-Food at the CFIA  which is the largest Tech for agri-food exhibition in France.

The aim of this event is to initate new collaboration between the big players of the agri-food sector and the photonics providers (in optical sensors, scanning, imaging, lasers and lighting) to solve together the challenges of the industry in production and quality control:

  • Food safety,
  • Raw material control,
  • Packaging, conditioning and preservation,
  • Real-time process monitoring.

The registration to the event is free of charge, you can register by 11th March 2019. Any further details and the workshop programme and the online registration are available if you click on following link.