Photonics PPP outreach project Photonics4All

Photonics4All is a European outreach project which is funded by one of the calls under the Photonics Public Private Partnership (PPP) and thus received funding by the European Union. The tools mentioned below and developed within the project are open access and should be used as widely as possible for all people and organisations engaged in photonics outreach:

  • We have created an animated VIDEO that can bring small children closer to Photonics and Light. Watch our video on YouTube and see how heroine 'Max' and her friend 'Lux' chase after the stolen cup! We have added subtitles for several countries in diverse languages: French, German, Swedish, Slovakian, Italian and Dutch.

  • Our amazing Photonics4All App consisting of five learning modules which have been enhanced by a gaming and a quiz part is available on google playstore and as a web App in seven languages.

  • To increase the engagement level of young people we have organised a photonics board game competition in Italy which led to the creation of 28 original games competing and 426 students engaged! Learn more about it here.

  • Photonics4All is also happy to announce two brand new Photonics QUIZZES - The "ThinkPhoton! flash game" and a catchy cross-word. These quizzes are the winning proposals of a high-quality competition. Opticsvalley, the French expert in Photonics4All's consortium, has conducted a competition calling for proposals of quizzes among students in France and EU. Test yourself with our quizzes!
  • About 2000 physics teachers were trained using the Photonics Explorer kits developed by EYESTvzw. Video training tutorials were also developed to support them and are available on YouTube.

  • For those interested in studying photonics, here is a link to the main degree courses (certificate courses e. g. correspondence courses; bachelor, master and doctorate courses, and teacher courses for high school) offered in 7 EU-countries (Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Italy) end of 2015.

  • Do you plan to establish a business related to photonics technology? Then look at our REPOSITORYCreate a business with Photonics!. It focuses on photonics technologies and related sectors with a regional focus on the needs of these industries. The brochure shows the importance of photonics in several countries (Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Italy) including testimonials from companies specialised in this sector. It provides an overview about the mature photonics technologies (e. g. lasers, space optics, optical fibre) and photonics applications relevant for the future (e.g. production technology, medical & life science, telecom). Besides, the brochure informs on how entrepreneurs in photonics are supported in business creation and development in their country. The brochures are adapted to the specificities of several European countries and therefore available in various languages.

  • Six Photonics4All innovation workshops for research and industry professional stakeholders were implemented to encourage open innovation and served as testbed for our Guidelines – Open Innovation in Photonics.

  • One European Start-Up challenge as well as four interactive Investment Events matching companies (especially SMEs and start-ups) with investors were organised that enable to increase the visibility of photonics technologies on the business place and increase public and private investments in those key enabling technologies.

  • If you every wonder how to make entertainment with science: yes, we can! Watch the videos of our Photonics Slam session in Stuttgart in April 2015.

  • Our prototype of the "OMNILIGHT LABORATORY" is a modular instrumentation developed in Photonics4All for light-based scientific show, aiming to provide an interactive light laboratory for presentation and education of photonics in many related outreach activities (namely training workshops, exhibitions, scientific events, light festivals). Check out the features of our OmniLightLab on YouTube!

  • Download the Photonics4All Bookmarks explaining 13 different Fascinations about Photonics – to cite just some of them:

    • How can Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) transform local food production?

    • How does light make computers and phones smaller and faster?

    • How can light replace a needle?

    • How can light help solve crimes?

    • Why do soap bubbles have colour?

Find here all the bookmarks available in 7 EU languages.

  • To enable further impact, the most successful Photonics4All tools and activities were described in three Best Practice Handbooks focused on photonics outreach towards young people, entrepreneurs and the general public, respectively. The handbooks deliver short presentations of each of these tools and activities, including their objective, how they were developed or organised, their estimated impact, plus specific tips and recommendations for their replication in future outreach projects.

All the above resources are now available on the long-term open data repository Zenodo here.


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