Photonics End User Workshops

The end user workshops are part of an initiative started by the Photonics PPP to bring photonics technologies closer to end user industry and will be conducted in cooperation with National Technology Platforms for Photonics from different member states. The workshops will focus on regions with a particular strong end user industry.

Upcoming End User Workshops:

Photonics4 Healthcare, 28 February 2017, Birmingham, UK

The KTN, in partnership with Hamamatsu, is organising a Photonics in Healthcare event at the studio Birmingham on 28th February. The event will look at the application of photonic technologies in healthcare and will consider challenges and opportunities in bringing products to market, support for innovation activities in UK and EU, and last but by no means least will look at new photonic product developments in this area.

There will be a keynote from Prof Peter Seitz of ETH Zürich and Chair of the Photonics 21 Sensors Work Group. Other confirmed speakers include Julian Burke, Leica Microsystems; Mark Sims, Leicester Space Research Centre; Myrddin Jones, Innovate UK; Ian Newington, National Institute for Health Research; Tom Harvey, National Centre for Healthcare Photonics; Mark Bradley, University of Edinburgh; Sergei Sokolovsky, Aston University; Hamamatsu; and Jon Exley of Lynton Group.

The event will be of value to companies that are established in the sector or are looking to develop products there, as well photonics/life science academics with an interest in industrial collaboration and commercialisation.

Early registration is recommended, and can be done through the Eventbrite page

The event is kindly sponsored by Hamamatsu


Photonics4 Smart Road Transportation, 3 March 2017, Athens, Greece

PRAXI Network, the technology transfer unit of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, in cooperation with the Hellenic Photonics cluster (HPhos) and the Greek Technology Platform in Photonics (PhotonicsGR), have the honor to organize a workshop under the title: "Photonics for Smart Road Transportation". The event is organized in the framework of the European Coordination and Support Action project EuroPho21* and will be held on Friday, 3rd March 2017, at Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel, in Athens, Greece.

Road transport links all regions of the EU with each other and with Europe's principal networks for goods and passenger traffic. It is considered part of the lifeblood of the European economy and single market, delivering goods across Europe fast, efficiently, flexibly and inexpensively. Based on estimations about 44% of goods transported within the EU go by road. People also travel mainly by road, with private cars accounting for 73% of passenger traffic. However, road transport is a vital economic sector in its own right, employing about 5 million people across the EU and generating close to 2% of its GDP. Today, the road transport sector in the EU is facing a number of challenges for efficient and safe operation with a minimum impact on our environment.

Photonics is a multidisciplinary domain mastering light and underpinning technologies with a series of applications in several markets, including transport. It is also one of the six Key Enabling Technologies, which is expected by European Commission to shape tomorrow's future and drive innovation in a wide range of industries. The aim of this event is to bring closer the photonics community and the transport stakeholders in order to address main problems and challenges that road transportation faces today. The event addresses all key stakeholders required for developing industrial and / or Horizon 2020, and / or national projects in the area of road transportation, among others: highway construction and operation enterprises, key transport technology providers, photonics industrial and scientific representatives, policy makers, etc.

The event includes the following 3 sessions:

  • European and National funding for Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
  • The role and the perspectives of construction / operation enterprises
  • Photonics technologies for Smart Road Transportation

For more information, please visit the event's website


Photonics4 Smart farming and foresting, 9 March 2017, Warsaw, Poland

On 9th of March 2017 a workshop on photonics in smart farming and foresting will be held in the Physics Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology and will be organized by the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics.

Agriculture and forestry are one of the most natural and critical parts of the economy. Farming affects our environment not less than industry. The unreasonable usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides changes our natural environment or even cause great damages. The current technology allows us to make better use of existing resources and additives. To get this monitored farming and foresting do need better control systems. That is where optoelectronical systems can be used. 

The event will be of value to companies that are established in the sector or are looking to develop products there, as well photonics/life science academics with an interest in industrial collaboration and commercialisation.

For more information, please visit the event's website

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