Photonics End User Workshops

The end user workshops are part of an initiative started by the Photonics PPP to bring photonics technologies closer to end user industry and will be conducted in cooperation with National Technology Platforms for Photonics from different member states. The workshops will focus on regions with a particular strong end user industry.

Upcoming End User Workshops: 

Photonics 4 Sorting, 8 June 2017, Graz, Austria

The end-user-workshop is embedded in the "Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging for Industry" – an international event on crosslinking between the stakeholder groups of hyperspectral imaging (photonic sensing) and different
user groups. An important group of industrial end-users is defined by the sorting industry and aside of imaging and sensing the illumination is crucial for efficient sorting. Thus at the workshop cutting edge solutions form the illumination sector will be presented and discussed in the context of the
demands for the sorting industry.

Topics addressed:

  • Alternative light sources for NIR spectroscopy and sorting applications
  • Tuning of illumination: Latest solutions from lighting industry

For more information please download the event flyer and visit the event's website.


Photonics 4 Luxury Coatings, 21 June 2017, Geneve, Switzerland

This workshop organized by Swissphotonics, the Swiss National Thematic Network (NTN) for photonics, will take place in the framework of the EPMT 2017, the most important annual exhibition for Swiss suppliers of watch industry and micro technology EPHJ.

There will be speakers from various industry sectors. Among others these speakers confirmed their participation: Dr. Andreas Bächli - Buchs SG; Dr. Florian Bourgeois - Comelec SA; Dipl. Ing. Alois Wiesböck - Ocea Optics; Dr. Ralph Delmdahl - Coherent Laser Systems.

The event will be of value to companies that are established in the sector or are looking to develop products there, as well photonics academics with an interest in industrial collaboration and commercialisation.

For more information, please visit the event's website

Past End User Workshops & Presentations for Download:

Photonics 4 Microprocessing, June 2015

Light-based Solutions for Agriculture, Veterinary and Ecology, May 2016

Photonics 4 Medicine, May 2016

Photonics 4 Food, June 2016

Photonics 4 Precision Manufacturing, June 2016

Photonics 4 Aeronautics and Space, October 2016

Photonics 4 Forestry, October 2016

Photonics 4 AgriFoodTech, December 2016

Photonics 4 Healthcare, February 2017

Photonics 4 Smart Road Transportation, March 2017

Photonics 4 Smart Farming and Foresting, March 2017

Photonics 4 Automotive, May 2017

Photonics 4 Industria 4.0, May 2017


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